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11 min read
Unikraft v0.13.0 (Atlas) is out! As usual, this release adds important fixes and comes with a bunch of new features! In this blog post, we describe some of the new features available in Unikraft.
13 min read
We are excited to bring you the newest Unikraft release, v0.12.0 (Epimetheus)! With this relese, we aim to bring more stability to the Musl support integrated in 0.11, but also come with a lot of exciting features.
6 min read
Alistair Kressel, Pierre Olivier
Unikraft running bare metal on the Morello prototype board. Despite being a prototype, ARM’s implementation of the CHERI ISA, Morello, is rapidly gaining traction in the research community due to the high potential for isolation and additional security it brings without sacrificing performance.
10 min read
We are thrilled to announce the new edition of Unikraft, v0.11.0 (Janus)! This release is the result of around 3 months of hard work in the entire community, with a focus on integrating the long awaited musl support.
2 min read
Radu Nichita, Razvan Deaconescu
Grüß Gott, München! Last weekend, we had yet another successful hackathon with plenty of hard work. But this one was special since it was organized in München. It was the 3rd international onsite hackathon, after the ones in Lyon and Aachen.
4 min read
Felipe Huici
You may have seen recent news about a set of patches hitting the Linux kernel mailing list for Unikernel Linux (UKL), “… a research project aimed at integrating application-specific optimizations to the Linux kernel.
4 min read
Andrei Mutu
The First of Many We are excited to tell you about the first in-person Unikraft community meet-up, a long awaited event which was painfully postponed by the pandemic. It took place in the shape of a three-day trip to Sinaia, Romania between the 14th and the 16th of October.
4 min read
Felipe Huici
We’re ecstatic to announce that a week ago Unikraft reached 1K stars on Github on its main repository! First and foremost, a great many thanks to our fantastic open source community and anyone and everyone who has supported us, starred us and helped us throughout the years!
2 min read
Radu Nichita, Andrei Mutu
And Another One As tradition dictates, if it’s Saturday then it is definitely another hackathon we are proud to host at Unikraft. Even so, the last one was a bit special.
2 min read
Sairaj Kodilkar
This blog describes the ongoing work on the I/O APIC integration in unikraft. Currently Unikraft is using the traditional 8259 PIC interrupt controller. The ongoing work implement a function pointer based design.
5 min read
Xiangyi Meng
EPC Page management is the key point of the SGX driver. It includes the following features: Add an EPC page Block an EPC page Load an EPC page as blocked/unblocked Remove a page from EPC Write back/invalidate an EPC page These functions depend on suitable data structures.
16 min read
We’re very excited to announce the latest edition of Unikraft, v0.10.0 (Phoebe), and to show off many of the things the community has been working on over the last two months.
3 min read
Maria Sfiraiala
GSoC'22: Shadow Stack This third blog post presents the efforts that were made in the direction of testing and perfecting complex apps (such as SQLite, redis and nginx) on AArch64 using gcc, clang and gcc-12 as compilers.