Unikraft releases v0.16.3 (Telesto)

This release contains fixes, documentation and application updates.

We are proud to announce the latest version of Unikraft, v0.16.3!

This is a fix release, primarily focused on fixes, documentation updates and the addition of new applications.

Application Catalog#

This feature was championed by Felipe Huici and Răzvan Deaconescu with feedback from Ștefan Jumărea and Mihnea Firoiu.

The catalog has been populated with additional applications and examples. This has been complemented by updates to documentation, both in the form of website updates and README updates in the catalog entries.

Feel free to try existing applications and examples and add your own to the catalog.

Documentation and Website Updates#

This feature was championed by Felipe Huici and Alexander Jung with feedback from Răzvan Deaconescu.

Documentation and website layout have been updated to focus more on the application catalog. We fixed missing links, made corrections to guides, revamped the landing page, added application icons.

Community Activities#

Monthly Hackathon#

We continue organizing monthly hackathons, generally taking place in the last Saturday of each month. Hackathons take place both online and in person, generally at the National University of Science and Technology POLITEHNICA of Bucharest.

We organized a monthly hackathon on Saturday, March 2, 2024. It was targeted on the 0.16.3 release, focused on documentation and catalog updates. Main outcomes of the hackathon were:

  • the archiving of old app-... repositories and referencing the catalog repository
  • updates to instructions related to publishing the docs repository (used as the backing store for the website)
  • testing and fixes in the catalog repository

The next monthly hackathon is scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 30, 2024.

Applying for GSoC'24#

GSoC'24 (Google Summer of Code 2024) applications are open since Monday, March 18, 2024. The deadline is Tuesday, April 2, 2024, 18:00 UTC. See the Google Summer of Code 2024 Timeline.

We encourage you to apply, work on challenging low-level and tooling projects, and be part of the technical Unikraft community.

As a future applicant, please do the following

  • Visit the Unikraft GSoC'24 page for full details
  • Connect to the community on the Discord server: introduce yourself, talk to mentors, ask questions, be part of discussions
  • Get accustomed to the Unikraft development ecosystem, by trying out applications in the catalog, and by following the guides
  • Make a small contribution, in the form of fixes, build warning removal, documentation updates or anything that's easy to pick up to get your started When making a contribution, be sure to check the submission guidelines
  • Decide on a GSoC project: you can pick a community-proposed idea or come up with an idea by yourself
  • Fill out an application starting from the Google Document template

Best of luck!

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