Events & Meetings

Unikraft makes frequent appearances in academic and open-source conferences and summits, including FOSDEM, XenSummit, and USENIX LISA and hosts regular Working-Group (WGs) where contributors discuss on-going work.

Weekly technical meetings occur Wednesday at 13:00 CET on the Unikraft Discord Server on the #monkey-business voice channel. All meetings are minuted, you can access past and future meeting notes at The general topics of weekly technical meetings vary and largely plays as a round-table for discussion of on-going projects, software releases and more.

Upcoming Events#

All upcoming public Unikraft events are held on the following calendar:

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General Meetings#

A weekly hackathon occurs where project members hack on particular projects together. This occurs every Saturday between 09:00 and 13:00 CET and is led by Răzvan Deaconescu.

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