Unikraft is a fast, secure and open-source Unikernel Development Kit

By tailoring the operating system, libraries and configuration to the particular needs of your application, it vastly reduces virtual machine and container image sizes to a few KBs, provides blazing performance, and drastically cuts down your software stack’s attack surface.

Blazing Fast

Unikraft is faster than Linux

On Unikraft, NGINX is 166% faster than on Linux and 182% faster than on Docker

Unikraft outperforms well-configured custom Linux kernel images, even those with security mitigations turned off! Compared to other Unikernel Development Kits, library OSes and containers, Unikraft still comes out on top.

We benchmarked NGINX throughput in terms of requests per second compared to other unikernels, Linux and Docker; Unikraft achieves 182% performance improvement with respect to Docker.

Unikraft has been extensively and carefully benchmarked, read more about performance →

Developer Friendly

Build Unikernels Quickly and Easily

With the Unikraft companion command-line client kraft, you can quickly and easily define, configure, build, and run unikernel applications. Get everything from OS library dependencies to pre-built binaries and more.

Research Backed

Built and used by leading academic institutes and companies

Unikraft's design, performance and security have been extensively developed, evaluated and put into production at leading companies and academic institutes.

Politehnica University of Bucharest
Lancaster University
University of Manchester
Karlsruher Institut Für Technologie
University of Liège
University of Texas in Austin
Imperial College London
The award-winning Unikraft research work has appeared in top-tier research and industry conferences, read more about research and development →

Fully Modular

Build highly customized, performant and secure VM images for your use case

Unikraft is fully modular, with a constantly growing ecosystem with many popular open-source operating system and application libraries like musl and openssl available for use, allowing you to pick and choose exactly what you need for your target application.

Feature Rich

100+ Libraries to choose from.

25K+ Options to configure your application with.

160+ Syscalls are available, covering more than 90% of use cases.

Production Ready

Runs on Major Cloud Platforms

Along with major CPU architectures, Unikraft can be deployed on leading cloud providers.

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud
To target a specific cloud vendor, read more about deployments →
70% less Power consumption compared to Alpine Linux & Raspbian.

Small Footprint & green

Unikraft is green & efficient

From cloud to embedded devices, running an application on Unikraft both increases efficiency and reduces power consumption as less resources are necessary.

Kilobytes Idle memory usage for popular apps like NGINX or Redis.

Unikraft supports ARM and ARM64 architectures and popular platforms including Raspberry Pi B+.

Learn more about embedded devices →

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