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Extreme Specialization for
Security and Performance

Unikraft automatically builds extremely efficient and secure software. By tailoring the operating system, libraries and tools to the particular needs of your application, it vastly reduces virtual machine and container image sizes to a few KBs, drastically cutting down your software stack's attack surface

A New Age of Unikernels

Unikraft is a comprehensive toolchain and library operating system which builds highly specialized unikernels, software bundles that consist of a target application along with just the operating system primitives and libraries features it needs to run.

Unikraft breaks the status quo of building unikernels manually, providing an automated toolchain that builds tailored unikernels that meet your (and your application's) needs.


Fast boot and
migration time

10s of milliseconds or less (as little as 2.3ms)[1][2].


Low memory footprint

Few MBs of RAM or less[3].


Strong security

Attack surface is reduced: including deadcode elimination; smaller trusted compute base; strong isolation by hypervisor.


High density

8k guests on a single x86 server[1].


High performance

10-40Gbps throughput on a single guest CPU[3][4].


Developer friendly

Unikraft is easily extensible and is packed with developer tools to suit your workflow.

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Works with DevOps workflows

Unirkaft integrates into Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) systems as a compile-time specialization mechanism.

Open source

Unikraft is developed openly and in collaboration with institutes across the globe. Retain control of your software and avoid suprises.

Runs on all major platforms

Along with major CPU architectures, Unikraft can be deployed on leading cloud providers.