Unikraft releases v0.16.2 (Telesto)

Unikraft is a fast, secure and open-source Unikernel Development Kit

Unikraft powers the next-generation of cloud native applications by enabling you to radically customize and build custom OS/kernels, unlocking best-in-class performance, security primitives and efficiency savings.

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curl -sSfL | sh
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Get the most out of your application and Unikraft

The only cloud platform scaling to zero, with 'only on' pricing, and cold-starting in 20ms.

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Easily construct the best-in-class OS/kernel for your cloud application and desired KPIs.

Unikraft is fully modular, with a constantly growing ecosystem with many popular open-source operating system and application libraries like musl and openssl available for use, allowing you to pick and choose exactly what you need for your target application.

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Blazing fast


Small footprint & green

Cloud-native ready


Fully modular


Production ready

Developer Friendly

Build, Run and Package
Unikernel Images
Quickly and Easily

With the Unikraft companion command-line client kraft, you can quickly and easily define, configure, build, and run unikernel applications. Get everything from OS library dependencies to pre-built binaries and more.

Extra ergonomy in VSCode

Library selection, native integration to build and run instances to help developers in VS Code stay confident and productive.

Instant unikernel playground

Try Unikraft without installing any additional dependencies and bootstrap and next project.

Research Backed

Built and used by leading academic institutes and companies

Unikraft's design, performance and security have been extensively developed, evaluated and put into production at leading companies and academic institutes. The award-winning Unikraft research work has appeared in top-tier research and industry conferences.

70% lessPower consumption compared to Alpine Linux & Raspbian.
Small Footprint

Unikraft is green & efficient

From cloud to embedded devices, running an application on Unikraft both increases efficiency and reduces power consumption as less resources are necessary.
KilobytesIdle memory usage for popular apps like NGINX or Redis.
RaspbianUnikraftAlpine LinuxAmpsWatts
Unikraft supports ARM and ARM64 architectures and popular platforms including Raspberry Pi B+.Learn more about embedded devices →

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