Unikraft releases v0.16.2 (Telesto)

This release contains fixes primarily related to platform and application support.

We are proud to announce the latest version of Unikraft, v0.16.2!

Xen on ARM64#

This feature was championed by Oleksii Moiseiev with great support from Michalis Pappas and from Andrei Stan and Maria Sfîrăială.

This release brings the Xen support for ARM64. Up until this point, Xen was only running on x86_64. Recent advances in the embedded world, with focus on automotive and security, have made Xen an important target for the ARM64 architecture.

The current Xen on ARM64 work includes the following features:

  • Implemented of the loaders and image header for ARM64 architecture.
  • Implemented all basic drivers, that are essential for work on XEN, such as: memory management, gnttab, xenbus and console drivers.
  • Updated and tested frontend drivers for the devices: 9p, blkfront and netfront.
  • Ported pvcalls-frontend driver from the Linux Kernel implementation.

With the resurfacing of Xen support in release 0.16, Unikraft has now enhanced its Xen ecosystem with the ARM64 support. Future steps relate to using binary-compatibility mode on Xen and KraftKit integration.

Application Catalog#

This feature was championed by Alexander Jung and Razvan Deaconescu with feedback from Ștefan Jumărea and Mihnea Firoiu.

The catalog has been populated with additional applications and examples. Currently a large set of programming languages (JavaScript, Java, Python, Lua, Ruby, Perl) are supported, together with other applications (Nginx, Redis).

Feel free to try existing applications and examples and add your own to the catalog.

Community Activities#

Monthly Hackathon#

We continue organizing monthly hackathons, generally taking place in the last Saturday of each month. Hackathons take place both online and in person, generally at the National University of Science and Technology POLITEHNICA of Bucharest.

We organized a monthly hackathon on Saturday, January 27, 2024. It was targeted on the 0.16.2 release, application support, CI improvements and fixes.

The next monthly hackathon is scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 2, 2024.


Unikraft was of FOSDEM'24, at the Microkernel and Component-based OS devroom, on February 3&4, 2024, in Brussels. There were two talks from the Unikraft community, videos and slides now available online:

It was a good time to meet with members of the Unikernel Alliance community, and other friends of the Unikraft project.

Applying for GSoC'24#

With Google Summer of Code 2024 (GSoC'24) being announced, Unikraft applied as an organization. We have a healthy list of projects that we offer to future participants, in case Unikraft is selected for GSoC'24.

According to the GSoC'24 timeline, we will know whether Unikraft is selected as an organization on Wednesday, February 21, 2024.

If you are interested in taking part in GSoC'24, and work on operating-systems, cloud and tooling items, see the Unikraft GSoC'24 projects page, join Unikraft Discord, take part in discussions, make contributions and ask for support.

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