v0.5.0 (Tethys)

Sat Feb 06 2021


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We are proud to announce the latest version of Unikraft. In this release, we introduce many new improvements, including critical bug fixes, improved stability and new features. To summarise:

  • Support for multiple, concurrent memory allocators
  • Support for non-executable pages on x86;
  • Support for IEEE 802.1q and IEEE 802.1ad tagged frames;
  • Access to the TSC-clock for accurate boot and system time;
  • Memory stack-protection;
  • Recursive PCI-bus enumeration;
  • Better error reporting;
  • Support for arm64 fp;
  • Automatic libc-style system call stubs;
  • Improved console I/O;
  • virtio block driver;
  • signals support
  • ANSI-colored output; …and much more!

We have also been hard at work increasing the number of available applications and libraries supported by Unikraft, including:

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