v0.12.0 (Epimetheus)

Tue Feb 07 2023


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We are proud to announce the latest version of Unikraft, v0.12.0 (Epimetheus)! This release comes with a bag of new exciting features and more stability to the existing ones. Here is the full updates list:

­čÜÇ New Features#

  • Expose HANDLED_CONT return value in include/event (#738) by Marc Rittinghaus
  • Register mkdirat to syscall shim in lib/vfscore (#732) by Eduard Vintil─â
  • Fault-safe memory access in lib/uknofault (#725) by Marc Rittinghaus
  • Boot code refactoring (#722) by Marc Rittinghaus
  • Make TCB overlap configurable in arch/libcontext (#720) by Eduard Vintil─â
  • Add _SC_PHYS_PAGES and _SC_AVPHYS_PAGES to sysconf in lib/posix-sysinfo (#719) by osmten
  • Add setattr function for 9pfs in lib/9pfs (#710) by ╚śtefan Jum─ârea
  • Update rust version to latest nightly in lang/rust (#709) by Fabian Patra╚Ö
  • Add comments to vfs.h file in lib/vfscore (#707) by Radu Nichita
  • Add file in lib/ramfs (#705) by Delia Pavel
  • Add comments to ramfs.h file in lib/ramfs (#704) by Delia Pavel
  • Update documentation of ukarch_random (#703) by Michalis Pappas
  • Use ukarch_random_seed to seed MTE keys in arch/arm64 (#702) by Michalis Pappas
  • Add IRQ events in plat/* (#699) by Marco Schlumpp
  • Implement ukarch_random in arch/x86_64 (#695) by Michalis Pappas
  • Handle error code returns from event handlers in include/event (#691) by Marco Schlumpp
  • Use correct variable name for tool in lib/ukdebug (#690) by Marco Schlumpp
  • Use the ukarch_random API to generate PAuth keys and enable Pointer Authentication on KVM (#686) by Michalis Pappas
  • 9p2000.L support in lib/{uk9p,9pfs} (#671) by Dinh Ngoc Tu
  • Implement subclass matching in plat/common/pci (#624) by Marco Schlumpp
  • Add additional flags for compatibility in lib/vfscore (#623) by Marco Schlumpp
  • Expose rmdir/rename from nolibc in lib/nolibc (#622) by Marco Schlumpp
  • Add lib/ukvmem and lib/posix-mmap (#603) by Marc Rittinghaus
  • Add file in lib/uktest (#555) by ╚śtefan Jum─ârea
  • Upgrade musl to latest version (1.2.3) (#34) by Eduard Vintil─â
  • Upgrade libsqlite version (#4) by Eduard Mih─âilescu
  • Add configuration file for textlint in .github (#178) by Razvan Deaconescu
  • Add make-based build workflow (#177) by ╚śtefan Jum─ârea
  • Add file referencing the website (#174) by ╚śtefan Jum─ârea
  • Add instructions on contributing to documentation (#171) by ╚śtefan Jum─ârea
  • Split coding style content (#162) by ╚śtefan Jum─ârea
  • Port the informations on the, and extra.ld files from the Unikraft old documentation (#126) by ╚śtefan Jum─ârea

­čÉŤ Bug Fixes & Improvements#

A big thank you also to all those who helped in the review process: Gabriel Mocanu, Alexander Jung, Cezar Cr─âciunoiu, Eduard Vintil─â, Marc Rittinghaus, Maria Sf├«r─âial─â, R─âzvan Deaconescu, R─âzvan V├«rtan, Robert Kuban, Sergiu Moga, Simon Kuenzer, ╚śtefan Jum─ârea, Vlad B─âdoiu, Radu Nichita, Fabian Patra╚Ö, Andra Paraschiv, Michalis Pappas, Florin Postolache, Delia Pavel and Marco Schlumpp.

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