v0.16.1 (Telesto)

Thu Jan 18 2024


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We strongly advise upgrading to this latest version of Unikraft in order to continue to be compatible with future versions. In our accompanying blog post we include necessary migration steps. Additionally, we have released a new version of KraftKit (v0.7.2) which already incorporates an understanding these changes and have upgraded all images in the Unikraft Community Catalog of pre-built unikernel images.


  • lib/vfscore: Auto-mounting scheme with 3 tables (#1262) by Simon Kuenzer
  • lib/vfscore: Fix getcwd to use the kernel API (#1268) by Andrei Tatar
  • .github/workflows: Do not rerun checks on pushes (#1267) by Cezar Craciunoiu
  • lib/{uksched, ukboot}: Use uk_memalign for auxstack allocation (#1266) by Sergiu Moga
  • lib/vfscore: Stub F_GETLK to always return F_UNLCK (#1260) by Sergiu Moga
  • plat/common/lcpu: Fix re-def warnings of LCPU_AUXSP_OFFSET (#1257) by Sergiu Moga
  • plat/kvm/arm: Ensure restoration of x0 on binary system calls (#1256) by Sergiu Moga
  • .github/workflows: Add bot mail/name and use other target (#1252) by Cezar Craciunoiu
  • .github/workflows: Several more fixes to ensure functionality (#1251) by Cezar Craciunoiu
  • support/scripts: Implement python and bash suggestions (#1246) by Cezar Craciunoiu
  • .github/workflows: Bump governctl and fix lint issues (#1243) by Cezar Craciunoiu
  • .github/workflows: Correctly fetch the PR number (#1242) by Cezar Craciunoiu
  • .github/workflows: Bump actions/checkout from 3 to 4 (#1232) by @dependabot
  • .github/workflows: Bump actions/checkout from 3 to 4 (#1254) by @dependabot
  • .github/workflows: Bump actions/checkout from 3 to 4 (#1253) by @dependabot
  • lib/uknetdev: New netdev.ip kernel parameter (#1211) by Simon Kuenzer

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