v0.16.0 (Telesto)

Tue Jan 02 2024


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We are proud to announce the latest version update of Unikraft, v0.16.0! This release brings important new features and further improvements and stabilizing to the previous release (0.15.0 - Pandora). It adds new features, a healthy number of fixes and it enhances application support.

Here is the full updates list:

🚀 New Features#

  • lib/posix-socket: Socket events (#1224) by @skuenzer
  • .github/workflows: Add workflow to merge approved PRs (#1223) by @craciunoiuc
  • Limit visibility of fdt libraries to fdt-capable platforms (#1219) by @michpappas
  • arch: Introduce dedicated CPU Exception stack configuration (#1214) by @mogasergiu
  • .github/workflows: Add workflow to merge approved PRs (#1209) by @craciunoiuc
  • Add lib/posix-fdtab and lib/vfscore destructors (#1205) by @mogasergiu
  • lib/posix-{fdio,socket}: Add stat support to socket files (#1203) by @andreittr
  • lib/vfscore: initrd: extract option (#1201) by @skuenzer
  • lib/ramfs: Implement copying of directories (#1190) by @mschlumpp
  • lib/posix-environ: Add file for posix-environ (#1185) by @DeliaPavel
  • lib/posix-environ: Add comments for posix-environ (#1184) by @DeliaPavel
  • lib/*: Introduce support for AF_UNIX sockets (#1183) by @andreittr
  • lib/posix-socket: Port from vfscore to new uk_file (#1182) by @andreittr
  • lib/ukcpio: Refactor and improve CPIO extraction (#1181) by @andreittr
  • lib/posix-timerfd: Introduce timerfd support (#1179) by @andreittr
  • lib/posix-sysinfo: Add documentation (#1178) by @StefanJum
  • lib/posix-user: Add file for posix-user (#1177) by @DeliaPavel
  • lib/posix-time: Add (#1176) by @RaduNichita
  • Introduce UK_LLSYSCALL_R_U_DEFINE and register clone with it (#1175) by @mogasergiu
  • Implement stack switching on system call entries and on ARM traps/IRQ's (#1174) by @mogasergiu
  • lib/*: Move POSIX pipes out of vfscore (#1172) by @andreittr
  • lib/*: Replace posix-event with independent libraries (#1171) by @andreittr
  • lib/*: Introduce posix-fdio (#1170) by @andreittr
  • build: Introduce UK_IMAGE_NAME_OVERWRITE make var (#1169) by @nderjung
  • lib/*: Introduce posix-fdtab (#1168) by @andreittr
  • lib/uknetdev: Add ipv4_dns0_addr configuration (#1167) by @mschlumpp
  • lib/ukfile: Introduce the ukfile library (#1165) by @andreittr
  • lib/posix-user: Add code comments (#1164) by @DeliaPavel
  • lib/uktimeconv: Add conversion functions for common timestamp structs (#1162) by @andreittr
  • include: Add strong/weak reference counting (#1160) by @andreittr
  • plat/common/arm + lib/posix-process: Various fixes for Golang ARM64 support (#1158) by @eduardvintila
  • lib/ukboot: Shutdown feature (#1148) by @skuenzer
  • lib/vfscore: Introduce ukopts, a new vfs.fstab option and mkmp, a ukopts option (#1145) by @mogasergiu
  • lib/vfscore: Re-enable the mounting of initrd's through fstab (#1144) by @mogasergiu
  • .github/workflows: Add PR auto-labelling (#1142) by @craciunoiuc
  • .github/workflows: Add checkpatch checks for commits (#1141) by @craciunoiuc
  • .github: Enable dependabot for action bumping (#1140) by @craciunoiuc
  • .github/workflows: Add commit and PR format checks (#1139) by @craciunoiuc
  • .github/workflows: Add github workflows checks (#1137) by @craciunoiuc
  • .github/workflows: Add python checks for support scripts (#1134) by @craciunoiuc
  • .github/workflows: Add shellcheck for scripts (#1133) by @craciunoiuc
  • {include/, lib/uksched, lib/uklock}: Add static initializers (#1126) by @andreittr
  • include/arch: Add atomic fetch & AND operation (#1125) by @andreittr
  • plat/kvm/efi.c: Obtain MemoryMap again and retry when ExitBootService fails (#1105) by @kha-dinh
  • lib/nolibc: Introduce 'FILE' object APIs (#1043) by @Starnox
  • plat: Migrate ns16550 to drivers/uktty (#1026) by @michpappas
  • plat: Migrate pl011 to drivers/uktty (#1025) by @michpappas
  • include/uk: Move compiler definitions from essentials.h to compiler.h (#960) by @rares-miculescu
  • lib: Move atomic.h arhitecture specific code to new ukatomic (#950) by @Starnox
  • plat: Move register definitions into arch (#937) by @rares-miculescu
  • lib/ukgcov: Introduce library for code coverage (#906) by @Starnox
  • lib/devfs: Add Doxygen-style comments (#714) by @calex257
  • [dynamic-apps]: Couchdb src (#56) by @mtimaN
  • [app-elfloader]: Namespace VDSO config option (#68) by @skuenzer
  • [app-elfloader]: build: Upgrade Kraftfile to v0.6 specification (#66) by @nderjung
  • [app-elfloader]: Register arch_prctl through UK_LLSYSCALL_R_U_DEFINE (#65) by @mogasergiu
  • [app-python3]: Fix typo and update kraft run (#25) by @gabrielpitic
  • [app-uwebsockets]: Pull uSockets and uWebSockets from Unikraft repos (#1) by @jviotti
  • [lib-libgo]: Add support for AArch64 (#9) by @eduardvintila
  • [lib-lwip]: Adapt to new auxiliary stack argument of libuksched API (#41) by @mogasergiu
  • [lib-lwip]: Update to latest inittab changes (#40) by @skuenzer
  • [lib-lwip]: socket.c: Port to the new posix-socket API (#39) by @andreittr
  • [lib-lwip]: Modify atomic.h import line to accomodate plat re-arch (#36) by @Starnox
  • [lib-lwip]: Add RAW socket type to LwIP (#2) by @flapjack321
  • [lib-musl]: patches: Prefault page tables used in stacks allocated for threads (#73) by @eduardvintila
  • [catalog]: feat(library): Introduce Node 18 as library (#22) by @razvand
  • [catalog]: feat(library): Update base configuration (#21) by @razvand
  • [catalog]: feat: add "Hello, world!" Rust-based example (#16) by @mkroening
  • [catalog]: feat(base): Introduce base (ELFLoader) to library (#11) by @razvand
  • [catalog]: feat(library): Introduce Lua (#6) by @razvand
  • [catalog]: feat(workflows): Add linting GitHub Actions (#5) by @gabrielmocanu
  • [catalog]: feat(library): Introduce SQLite (#4) by @razvand
  • [catalog]: feat(examples): Introduce HTTP C application (#3) by @razvand

🐛 Bug Fixes & Improvements#

  • lib/posix-fdtab: Fix fdtab cleanup w/o asserts (#1239) by @andreittr
  • lib/fdtab: Fix compiler warnings (#1237) by @michpappas
  • lib/posix-unixsocket: Silence unused variable warnings (#1236) by @michpappas
  • lib/vfscore: Fix compiler warnings on mismatched bound (#1235) by @michpappas
  • drivers/virtio/9p: Fix warning on unused vq parameter (#1234) by @michpappas
  • lib/posix-fdtab: Export fdtab init priority (#1231) by @StefanJum
  • lib/posix-pipe: Fix stack overflow on struct init (#1228) by @andreittr
  • lib/posix-fdio: Handle ioctl(FIOCLEX|FIONCLEX) (#1227) by @andreittr
  • lib/uknetdev: Include semaphore.h conditionally to DISPATCHERTHREADS (#1220) by @michpappas
  • plat/kvm/arm: Fix implicit declaration of enforce_w_xor_x() (#1217) by @michpappas
  • lib/ukboot: Fix warning on undefined variable (#1216) by @michpappas
  • lib/vfscore: Use unsigned long for fcntl's third argument's type (#1213) by @mogasergiu
  • lib/posix-fdtab: Reprioritize fdtab init & cleanup (#1210) by @andreittr
  • .github/workflows: Do not run checkpatch on pushes (#1206) by @craciunoiuc
  • lib/ramfs: Return proper errors on ioctl calls (#1202) by @StefanJum
  • lib/posix-{pipe,unixsocket}: Fix event delivery on closing (#1208) by @andreittr
  • lib/posix-fdio: Handle FD_CLOEXEC flag in fcntl correctly (#1200) by @andreittr
  • lib/posix-poll: Make epoll_ctl identify files by (fd + file description) (#1198) by @andreittr
  • build: Do not run integration tests on markdown-only changes (#1197) by @nderjung
  • lib/uklock: Fix recursive mutex static inititializer (#1195) by @StefanJum
  • lib/uklock: Fix static initializer for recursive mutexes (#1194) by @skuenzer
  • VFS re-arch fixes (#1193) by @skuenzer
  • lib/ukfile: Ignore MSG_NOSIGNAL flags for UNIX sockets (#1189) by @mschlumpp
  • lib/vfscore: Use recursive mutexes for vnodes (#1192) by @mschlumpp
  • lib/posix-fdio: Remove pointer dereference from fcntl (#1191) by @mschlumpp
  • lib/syscall_shim: Fix arch_prctl's ARCH_SET_FS handling (#1173) by @mogasergiu
  • plat/xen/x86_64: Add missing segment alignment for xen (#1166) by @andreistan26
  • include/arch: Make time constants signed (#1157) by @andreittr
  • include/arch: Add raw compare-exchange operation (#1156) by @andreittr
  • lib/vfscore: Fix crash in fstatat on NULL args (#1155) by @andreittr
  • lib/posix-time: Allow NULL arg in clock_getres (#1154) by @andreittr
  • ukboot: Remove explicit PLAT_KVM dependency (#1153) by @kubanrob
  • plat/common: Fix missing chosen node handling (#1151) by @kubanrob
  • arch/arm64: Fix ukarch_tlb_flush_entry (#1149) by @kubanrob
  • lib/devfs: Remove dependency on LIBVFSCORE_AUTOMOUNT_ROOTFS (#1146) by @mogasergiu
  • lib/nolibc,lib/isrlib: Fix strncpy (#973) by @haesbaert
  • [app-elfloader]: Silence warning on unused err_unload_vaimg label (#70) by @michpappas
  • [lib-libunwind]: Fix unwinding (#11) by @mschlumpp
  • [lib-lwip]: Silence warning on arithmetic operation on socket flags (corrected) (#44) by @michpappas
  • [lib-lwip]: Silence warning on arithmetic operation on socket flags (#43) by @michpappas
  • [lib-rust]: lang/rust: Change cargo flag (#4) by @fabianpatras
  • [lib-uwebsockets]: Upgrade uWebSockets to v20.49.0 (#2) by @jviotti
  • [lib-uwebsockets]: Upgrade to uWebSockets v20.48.0 (#1) by @jviotti
  • [catalog]: fix(nginx/1.15): Fix missing file (error.log) (#18) by @nderjung
  • [catalog]: refactor: Application versions to their own directory (#9) by @nderjung
  • [catalog]: fix(README): Correct paths to actions and library directories (#13) by @nderjung
  • [catalog]: fix(merge-oci-digests): Show --all packages (#8) by @nderjung
  • [catalog]: library/*: Use short form for target definitions (#2) by @razvand
  • [app-elfloader]: Fix typo in README (#67) by @RaduNichita
  • [app-elfloader]: Correctly set Program Header offset used for aux vector's AT_PHDR (#64) by @mogasergiu
  • [app-elfloader]: Do not change real fs_base register in arch_prctl (#63) by @mogasergiu

A big thank you also to all those who helped in the review process: Alexander Jung, Cezar Crăciunoiu, Eduard Mihăilescu, Teodor Țeugea, Marco Schlumpp, Maria Sfîrăială, Michalis Pappas, Radu Nichita, Răzvan Deaconescu, Răzvan Vîrtan, Sergiu Moga, Simon Kuenzer, Stefan Jumarea.

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