v0.16.2 (Telesto)

Tue Feb 13 2024


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  • .github/workflows: Disable 'merge' global flag (#1318) by @craciunoiuc
  • .github/workflows: Set committer email and name globally (#1313) by @craciunoiuc
  • lib/posix-fdtab: Fix minor docstring issues (#1312) by @andreittr
  • lib/nolibc: Solve warning of Musl imported strstr (#1311) by @mogasergiu
  • lib/posix-poll: Fix EPOLL_CTL_MOD missing events (#1310) by @andreittr
  • lib/nolibc: Expose FD_SETSIZE as Kconfig option (#1309) by @andreittr
  • lib/posix-sysinfo: Fix off-by-1 error in sethostname (#1307) by @andreittr
  • plat/xen: Remove duplicate PAGE definitions (#1306) by @michpappas
  • plat/kvm/x86: Remove unused variable from lxboot_entry() (#1305) by @michpappas
  • lib/posix-time: Add support for CLOCK_BOOTTIME (#1304) by @andreittr
  • lib/posix-process: Add option to context switch away from clone caller (#1303) by @mschlumpp
  • lib/vfscore: Prevent superfluous slashes in working directory (#1302) by @mschlumpp
  • lib/posix-fdio: ENOTTY for unsupported tty ioctls (#1301) by @andreittr
  • lib/ukvmem: Use correct argument type in format string (#1300) by @michpappas
  • lib/posix-fdtab: Silence unused parameter warning (#1299) by @michpappas
  • lib/nolibc: Use strcat() from mini-os (#1298) by @michpappas
  • lib/posix-poll: Fix epoll missing events (#1297) by @andreittr
  • lib/posix-socket: Introduce CREATE, BIND events (#1296) by @skuenzer
  • .github/workflows: Remove redundant checks (#1295) by @craciunoiuc
  • lib/posix-process: Add support for RLIMIT_AS (#1294) by @andreittr
  • build: Disable image compression (#1293) by @michpappas
  • .github/workflows: Enable -Werror on integration builds (#1292) by @michpappas
  • lib/ukboot: Ensure the auxiliary stack is backed by physical memory (#1291) by @michpappas
  • checkpatch: Update to v6.8-rc2 (#1289) by @michpappas
  • drivers/ukintctrl: Update GICv2 compatible list (#1287) by @ananos
  • lib/ukboot: Ensure the auxiliary stack is backed by physical memory (#1286) by @michpappas
  • .github/workflows: Add missing checkpatch flags (#1285) by @craciunoiuc
  • lib/vfscore: Additional mount options (#1282) by @skuenzer
  • lib/nolibc: Change default FD_SETSIZE to 1024 (#1280) by @marcrittinghaus
  • lib/posix-socket: Extend socket events (#1279) by @marcrittinghaus
  • support/scripts: Fix (#1276) by @skuenzer
  • Add README for posix-pipe library (#1275) by @RaduNichita
  • support/scripts: Auto-split words and disable info message (#1274) by @craciunoiuc
  • lib/posix-mmap: Round-up madvise length to page size (#1273) by @michpappas
  • .github/workflows: Switch to debug logging (#1270) by @craciunoiuc
  • Misc fixes found during the development of the Aarch64 XEN support. (#1269) by @oleksiimoisieiev
  • Align auxiliary stack with regular stacks and add guard pages on per-thread regular stacks (#1264) by @mogasergiu
  • Promote unhandled page fault message level and add stack guard page explicit message (#1263) by @mogasergiu
  • lib/nolibc: Import strstr from musl (#1261) by @mogasergiu
  • lib/posix-poll: Fix epoll() crash on NULL event arg (#1259) by @andreittr
  • lib/posix-poll: Handle unpollable files correctly (#1258) by @andreittr
  • lib/posix-poll: Fix poll() ignoring fd 0 (#1255) by @andreittr
  • {include/,lib/*}: Separate initializers from anonymous right-hand values (#1245) by @andreittr
  • lib/posix-fdtab: Add comments for posix-fdtab (#1241) by @DeliaPavel
  • .github/workflows: Move integration tests to upb runners (#1215) by @craciunoiuc
  • plat/common/x86: Use FSGSBASE for TLS if available (#862) by @andreittr
  • arm64/xen: Introduce xen support for aarch64 architecture (#726) by @oleksiimoisieiev
  • [lib-lwip]: Expose LWIP_SO_RCVBUF config and set on by default (#50) by @andreittr
  • [lib-lwip]: Set system hostname when initializing interface (#49) by @andreittr
  • [lib-lwip]: Prepare lwip to provde DNS functions to native musl (#48) by @skuenzer
  • [lib-lwip]: Option to wait for DHCP and fail without netifs (#47) by @skuenzer
  • [lib-lwip]: Various smaller fixes (#46) by @mschlumpp
  • [lib-musl]: Option to handle DNS requesets by lwIP (#74) by @skuenzer

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