We are proud to announce the latest version of Unikraft, v0.11.0 (Janus)! The most important asset of this release is the long awaited musl support. Besides this, we introduce many new improvements, including critical bug fixes, improved stability and new features. To summarise:

🚀 New Features

🐛 Bug Fixes & Improvements

A big thank you also to all those who helped in the review process: Adina Smeu, Alexander Jung, Cezar Crăciunoiu, Dragoș Argint, Eduard Vintilă, Marc Rittinghaus, Maria Sfiraiala, Răzvan Deaconescu, Răzvan Vîrtan, Renê de Souza Pinto, Robert Kuban, Sergiu Moga, Simon Kuenzer, Ștefan Jumărea, Vlad Bădoiu, Florin Postolache, Delia Pavel and Marco Schlumpp.

For more information, check out the accompanying blog post or view the full changelog.