kraft pkg

Package and distribute Unikraft unikernels and their dependencies

Package and distribute Unikraft unikernels and their dependencies.

With kraft pkg you are able to turn output artifacts from kraft build into a distributable archive ready for deployment. At the same time, kraft pkg allows you to manage these archives: pulling, pushing, or adding them to a project.

The default behaviour of kraft pkg is to package a project. Given no arguments, you will be guided through interactive mode.



# Package a project as an OCI archive and embed the target's KConfig.
$ kraft pkg --as oci --name --with-kconfig


-m, --arch string Filter the creation of the package by architecture of known targets
-a, --args string Pass arguments that will be part of the running kernel's command line
-M, --as string Force the packaging despite possible conflicts (default "auto")
--dbg Package the debuggable (symbolic) kernel image instead of the stripped image
--force-format Force the use of a packaging handler format
-h, --help help for pkg
-k, --kernel string Override the path to the unikernel image
--kraftfile string Set an alternative path of the Kraftfile
-n, --name string Specify the name of the package
-o, --output string Save the package at the following output
-p, --plat string Filter the creation of the package by platform of known targets
-t, --target string Package a particular known target
-i, --with-initrd string Path to init ramdisk to bundle within the package (passing a path will automatically generate a CPIO image)
--with-kconfig Include the target .config

See Also#

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