kraft build

Configure and build Unikraft unikernels

Build a Unikraft unikernel.

The default behaviour of kraft build is to build a project. Given no arguments, you will be guided through interactive mode.

kraft build [FLAGS] [SUBCOMMAND|DIR]


# Build the current project (cwd)
$ kraft build
# Build path to a Unikraft project
$ kraft build path/to/app


--all Build all targets
-m, --arch string Filter the creation of the build by architecture of known targets
--build-log string Use the specified file to save the output from the build
-c, --config string Override the path to the KConfig .config file
--dbg Build the debuggable (symbolic) kernel image instead of the stripped image
--force-pull Force pulling packages before building
-h, --help help for build
-j, --jobs int Allow N jobs at once
-K, --kraftfile string Set an alternative path of the Kraftfile
-F, --no-cache Force a rebuild even if existing intermediate artifacts already exist
--no-configure Do not run Unikraft's configure step before building
--no-fast Do not use maximum parallelization when performing the build
--no-fetch Do not run Unikraft's fetch step before building
--no-update Do not update package index before running the build
-p, --plat string Filter the creation of the build by platform of known targets
--print-stats Print build statistics
--rootfs string Specify a path to use as root file system (can be volume or initramfs)
-t, --target string Build a particular known target

See Also#

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