Testing Changes

Learn how to test the Unikraft changes before submitting a new Pull Request.

Testing Changes Before Submitting a New PR#

Testing your changes#

Make sure that you tested your changes on various setups before opening a new PR. Try several different configuration options (in particular multiple architectures and platforms) and library combinations.

During development, disable CONFIG_OPTIMIZE_DEADELIM (Found in themenuconfig via "Build Options" -> "Drop unused functions and data") so that all of your code is covered by the compiler and linker.


To support you in checking your coding style, we provide a tailored version of the Linux kernel's script in support/scripts/ You should run this from the root of the Unikraft repository because it contains a .checkpatch.conf file which disables some tests that we consider irrelevant for Unikraft.

Please run this script on all commits you are about to submit. To do this, create a patch file for each commit on your working branch by running git format-patch. For example, to create patch files for the last 5 commits:

$ git format-patch HEAD~5
$ ./support/scripts/ ./000*

You can also run the checkpatch on one or multiple files before committing by using the -f option. Furthermore, some errors can be automatically solved by using the --fix-inplace option:

$ ./support/scripts/ --no-tree -f --fix-inplace <path/to/the/file>

For example, if you have some changes in the lib/vfscore/vfs.h, you can check and fix potential coding style issue with:

$ ./support/scripts/ --no-tree --fix-inplace -f lib/vfscore/vfs.h
ERROR: "foo*bar" should be "foo *bar"
#576: FILE: lib/vfscore/vfs.h:576:
+intsys_chmod(const char*path, mode_t mode);
total: 1 errors, 0 warnings, 828 lines checked
$ ./support/scripts/ --no-tree --fix-inplace -f lib/vfscore/vfs.h
total: 0 errors, 0 warnings, 828 lines checked
lib/vfscore/vfs.h has no obvious style problems and is ready for submission.

Note that not all the coding style errors can be solved automatically and some of them should be addressed by hand.

Please attempt fixes for all errors and warnings; if you decide to ignore some, be prepared to have a good reason for each warning and error during the review process.

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