Contributing to the Unikraft OSS Project

This page contains information about how to get started with contributing to the Unikraft Open-Source Project. In this guide, you will find details of the procedures put in place to make contributions, as well as recommended workflows, tools, and more to help you get started.

If you are looking for ideas regarding possible contributions to Unikraft, we keep an up-to-date list of open projects, enhancements and bugs on the project’s github main repo under the kind/project, kind-enhancement and kind-bug labels, respectively. Please browse through it and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

We use Discord as the main community online channel. For any errors, issues or problems you may run into, you can also open an issue or ask a question on the Github Discussions forum.


Discord This is the place where we organize community gatherings, hackathons and take part in discussions. It’s the place to be as both a user or a would-be contributor to Unikraft.

Discord is used for both text discussion and video calls. It’s common to use Discord organize public weekly community gatherings and hackathons.


When encountering a bug or a missing feature of Unikraft, please open an issue on the corresponding repository. We use an issue template where you can add a description, the platform where the issue happens and other details. Please provide as much information as possible.


You can open up a discussion on Discord or you can use the GitHub Discussions forum. Discord is mostly used for lenghtier discussions and interactions inside the community. GitHub discussions is mostly used for specific situations that you want clarifications on.

Pull Requests

Contributions are made via pull requests on the GitHub repository. Please follow the GitHub flow.

Please consider adding a prefix such as plat/kvm or arch/arm or lib/ukdebug in PR titles.

If your work isn’t complete, but want to get feedback from the community, please create a draft pull request.


Reviews follow the GitHub collaborative model. Plase see more on the Unikraft GitHub review process.