Welcome to Unikraft’s Documentation! 👋

Unikraft is a Unikernel Development Kit and consists of an extensive build system in addition to core and external library ecosystem which facilitate the underlying functionality of a unikernel.

This documentation is organized into guides for operators of Unikraft unikernels who wish to run lightweight VMs; developers who wish to package pre-existing applications into a unikernel; and, hackers, researchers and staff who wish to extend Unikraft itself.

Get familiar with some of the core concepts which makes using a unikernel:

What's a unikernel?
Learn about the core concepts and how Unikraft is able to achieve extreme performance and security benefits compared to existing technologies.
Building your first unikernel
You're convinced of unikernels, "they're the future", you cry and now you want to learn how to quickly and easily build one. This is the tutorial for you.
Operating a unikernel in production
Platform-specific tools, tutorials, techniques, troubleshooting guides and more for running unikernels in production environments.
Help & Support
Running into problems? Found a bug? Find out more about ways to receive support for your specific use case or scenario.
Specialised APIs
Dive deeper into Unikraft internals and expose high-performance APIs and more to your application, for specific usecases.
Research & Development
Learn more about how Unikraft is evaluated and backed by academic excellence and references to additional resources which highlight on-going development.
Looking to get involved? Contributions are welcome! Unikraft is an open-source project hosted on GitHub with weekly communitiy meetings on Discord which follow on-going projects. There are also unclaimed projects, open issues, and opportunities for bachelors and masters theses.