Unikraft Summer of Code 2022

Unikraft Summer of Code 2022, August 29 - September 10, 2022

Unikraft Summer of Code 2022 (USoC'22) is a free and virtual unikernel and library operating systems workshop held by members of the Unikraft community.

From zero-to-hero the two week event holds a number of starter tutorials, workshops and lessons on how to get build Unikraft unikernels for production systems. Along with tutorials, there will be a number of deep-dives Tech Talks from members of the Unikraft community on core modules designed for performance, security and mission critical systems!

The workshop will be hands-on and will take place for 10 days, between August 29 and September 9, 2022, 4pm-8pm CEST, in English, virtually via Unikraft's Discord server. Topics include building unikernels, benchmarking, debugging, porting applications, virtualization and platform specifics. The workshop will take place for two weeks (August 29 - September 9, 2022; Monday to Friday, 4pm-8pm CEST) virtually via Unikraft's Discord server. A full day hackathon will be held live at on Saturday, September 10, 2022 at University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, with the possibility to also join online via Unikraft's Discord server.


If you're eager to learn more about operating systems and unikernels, to work on practical open source tasks, to expand your knowledge of low-level topics, you'll want to be part of USoC'22. To take part in the event, please fill this registration form.

It's recommended you checked these prerequisites before taking part in USoC'22:

  • fair knowledge of Linux command-line interface
  • fair knowledge of programming concepts and the C programming language
  • basic understanding of operating system concepts: process, threads, virtual memory, filesystems, file descriptors
  • some exposure to assembly language and computer architecture
  • fondness for software engineering, hacking, tinkering with software components


USoC'22 will be held by members of the Unikraft community including professors, lecturers, PhD and MSci students from:

Other members of the Unikraft community will provide online support on Discord.


USoC'22 consists of 10 sessions in 10 days and a hackathon. Each session is 4 hours long and consists of practical demos and then exercises for participants. The hackathon is a full day event where you'll be provided tasks and challenges that require you to enable, test, fix, evaluate and improve applications and libraries with Unikraft.

The complete schedule for USoC'22 is (all times in CEST - Central European Summer Time):

Mon, 29.08.20223:30pm-4pm
Opening Ceremony
Session 01: Baby Steps
Tue, 30.08.20224pm-8pmSession 02: Behind the Scenes
Wed, 31.08.20224pm-8pmSession 03: Debugging in Unikraft
Thu, 01.08.20224pm-8pmSession 04: Complex Applications
Fri, 02.08.20224pm-8pmSession 05: Contributing to Unikraft
Mon, 05.08.20224pm-8pmSession 06: Testing Unikraft
Tue, 06.08.20224pm-8pmSession 07: Syscall Shim
Wed, 07.09.20224pm-8pmSession 08: Basic App Porting
Thu, 08.09.20224pm-8pmSession 09: Advanced App Porting
Fri, 09.09.20224pm-8pmSession 10: High Performance
Sat, 10.09.20229am-7pmHackathon

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