2 min read
Sairaj Kodilkar
This blog describes the ongoing work on the I/O APIC integration in unikraft. Currently Unikraft is using the traditional 8259 PIC interrupt controller. The ongoing work implement a function pointer based design.
3 min read
Sairaj Kodilkar
The previous blog on the SMP support explained different synchronization primitives for the unikraft. As a part of the next step, I started exploring some of the lockless data structures. There has been an extensive amount of research to optimize this lockless data structure.
8 min read
Sairaj Kodilkar
The Unikraft v0.9.0 introduced the common SMP API, which created the need for synchronization primitives. This project aims to add the SMP safe synchronization premitives as well as remove the race conditions in the kernel.