You’ve made it so far. Now the time has come to show the Unikraft world what you are really made of. A true Dragon Slayer!

See the items marked with kind/hackathon and added in the Hackathons project.

You will get the number of points for submitting a solution that works. Those points will be doubled if the PR is accepted upstream. After solving one challenge, pick another one. We recommend you start small then move up to more difficult challenges.

We will keep the scoreboard here.

Please check the community guidelines on submitting changes and the review process.

Challenge Types

Challenge types generally fall into the categories below. You can go beyond the items marked in the Hackathons project.

  1. Submitting issues

    5 hackathon points are awarded for each submitted issue.

  2. Building applications as static PIE binaries and adding them to the static-pie-apps repository

    These applications aren’t required to run on Unikraft. If something doesn’t work submit an issue and get points for that.

    30-50 hackathon points are awarded for each submitted application, depending on its complexity.

  3. Fixing build warning messages

    5-10 hackathon points are awarded for each fix.

  4. Adding tests to internal and external libraries using the uktest framework

    Generally, 20 hackathon points are awarded for the initial test and configuration, with 3 points for each new test added.

  5. Updating library versions (and making sure the new version builds and runs)

    20-30 hackathon points are usually awarded for the boost.

  6. Fixing issues

    Hackathon points will be awarded according to the complexity of the fix.