Contacts and getting in contact

The fastest way to get in contact with members of the community is to engage with the public Unikraft Discord Server.

Primary contacts of the open-source project include:

Name Email Affiliation
Simon Kuenzer [email protected] NEC Laboratories Europe GmbH
Răzvan Deaconescu [email protected] University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest
Alexander Jung [email protected] Lancaster Universitiy
Marc Rittinghaus [email protected] Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

For general enquiries and open discussions, please consult our open mailing lists:

Mailing list Purpose
[email protected] General announcements about Unikraft
[email protected] Unikraft Developer Discussions
[email protected] Unikraft End-User Discussions

For Q&A and to discuss topics related to the Unikraft core code, please open a thread on the Unikraft GitHub Discussions Forum.